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The next Big (Data) Thing: Watch out for these Five Data Trends


Big is not enough anymore, it has to be huge. In order to keep track of the constantly increasing flood of data, new and extremely large data applications are needed. It is important to have the coming trends and opportunities on your screen now and to integrate them into a sustainable...

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*um on tour: dates and events in October 2019


Fall is here and shows itself with all its facets. The same goes for the current trends and topics around digital transformation and automation. Three exciting events will take place in October. Can we count you in?

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*umEleven: Review of the Bash 2019


Eleven unbelievable years and an unbelievable party! More than 500 customers, partners and friends celebrated our 11th birthday with us and made the evening a real *umBash. Many thanks to all guests and helpers!

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*um on tour: date and event in September


After a short event break, we will be in Hamburg in September to discuss the next big steps in cloud computing with experts from the digital and software industry. Be there!

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Safety first: Certified security as a customer benefit – Interview with René Beiler


With the increasing possibilities of digitalization, the requirements and customer expectations in terms of information security, data protection and compliance are on the rise as well. More than ever, companies are obliged to prove their diligence and trustworthiness. We asked René Beiler,...

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Machine Learning as a Service for SME: providers and tools for successful implementation


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a decisive factor for companies to remain competitive now and in the future. Currently, more than half of all German companies are actively involved in AI and especially in machine learning. It is becoming steadily easier for users to get to grips with...

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Unbelievable Machine/Orange is Data Analytics Leader 2019/2020


The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) has been awarded the highest rating in the ISG Provider Lens™ Data Analytics Services & Solutions Report for Germany in 2019/2020, one of the most important provider comparisons in the industry. For the fifth time in a row, *um was named as a Leader in...

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What is Self-Service BI?


Creating analyses and reports by yourself, in a short time, with all required data and without external help from the IT department or highly complex software – these are the objectives of business intelligence as a self-service solution.

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NERD STUFF #3: Control a Free WiFi Access Point via AWS


Free WLAN has become a standard service in the gastronomy industry. Its clear purpose is to encourage guests to linger. But not after business hours. In our paper we explain how this can be achieved.

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How AI can boost your business


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the trend of our time – and still hasn't arrived in many companies yet. However, AI technologies can help enormously to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and profits and to make customers happier. We present three areas in which AI can push your...

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