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*um on tour: dates and events in March 2019


This month we have four exciting events on our agenda. All of them on the major digital topics and around our locations in Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna.

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How do you find the right SOC provider for your company?


You’re working to keep your company secure. You have all the right tools and decided that you need a Security Operations Center (SOC). You’ve done your research and decided that SOC as a service is right for you. But what do you look for in a SOC provider? 

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Should you build your own SOC or use one as a service?


You’ve done your homework and decided your company needs an Security Operations Center (SOC) to keep yourself protected and your customers’ data secure. You have a few options available: should you build your own SOC or find a provider for SOC as a service? 

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What is a Security Operations Center and why do you need it?

Your company has digital assets that need to be protected. GDPR requires that a company detect any security incident involving personal data and report them within 72 hours, so you also have a legal obligation to be secure. You have responsibly defended yourself with cyber security tools like...
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This is how smaller companies can use Machine Learning, too


Half of all German companies are already actively involved in machine learning. 22 percent of them are already using the technology productively, in particular large corporations, as our current study shows. But smaller companies can bring the new AI technologies into successful use as well –...

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*um on tour: dates and events in February 2019


The first month of 2019 flew by. This will hardly be any different in the shortest month of the year. In February, an exciting date awaits us in Berlin. Are you there, too?

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*um on tour: dates and events in January 2019


Happy New Year! After a short and deserved break we are at operating temperature for 2019. We start with two internal events and a good first overview of this year's topics. Others will follow, of course.

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*umerryXmas: enjoy the holidays and do good with data


Dear customers, partners & friends,

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Download now: Market and Vendor Analysis Cloud Computing


Crisp Research has published an independent vendor comparison with a comprehensive market overview of cloud computing in Germany. Unbelievable Machine is evaluated and positioned as an Accelerator. The summary is now available for free.

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AI Strategy of the Federal Government: a Classification


The industry association BITKOM comments on the paper "Key points of the Federal Government for an Artificial Intelligence Strategy". Ravin Mehta, founder and managing director of The unbelievable Machine Company, puts the topic and its requirements into an expert perspective.

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