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Analysis names *um as leading cloud service provider

Top rating: Unbelievable Machine is accelerator in the "Vendor Universe: Cloud Computing" 2018 by Crisp Research

Crisp Research has conducted an independent vendor comparison in cloud computing. The current analysts' "Vendor Universe" rates The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) as an Accelerator in development and realization of cloud-based enterprise projects.

Cloud Computing has established itself from a trend topic to an important component in the digitization strategy of companies. With increasing maturity and acceptance, users now have a different view of technologies and service providers. Providers who want to shape the market with innovations encounter new requirements from (potential) users.

Crisp Reseach therefore regularly analyses the most important fields of action and markets in the cloud environment and draws up guidelines for companies. The third edition of the study "Vendor Universe: Cloud Computing", the analysts examined which trends are important, what users pay particular attention to and which technology providers and service providers set the tone as thought leaders and leading providers.

User surveys, manufacturer information as well as expert interviews and results from own studies served as a basis for decision-making. The market segments analyzed were Cloud Platforms, Cloud Security Management Platforms, Managed Container Services, and Managed Hybrid Cloud Providers.

The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) was analyzed and evaluated in the Managed Public Cloud Provider category. Criteria were among others:

• services for implementation and ongoing operation of public cloud services
   on third-party public cloud platforms
• consulting, design, implementation, operation and ongoing support
   of customer systems, services and applications on public cloud platforms
• p
ublic naming of the partnership with public cloud providers

For the final evaluation in this category, Crisp Research examined a total of 93 providers. Only ten of them were rated as leading in Service Value Creation (incl. maturity) and Vendor Performance (incl. market strength) and thus as Accelerator. One of them: Unbelievable Machine.

Accelerator and driver for cloud-based projects: Unbelievable Machine in the accelerator quadrant (Source: Crisp Research)

The reasoning reads: "With its core competence in the area of machine learning and analytics, *um has long had very specific knowledge as a cloud-native company. The expansion of its own managed cloud offering is a good complement, if not even the future core business of the company This enables the Basefarm subsidiary to harmonize two strategic business segments well."

The analyst view adds: "As one of the thought leaders of emerging technologies in Germany, *um also distinguishes itself as one of the leading providers in the area of managed public cloud services. The high level of expertise in the big data and machine learning environment helps *um to gain access to numerous projects for agile and flexible IT operations and to implement them successfully.
The many years of experience on the public clouds is also a clear advantage of *um to enable its customers to operate their cloud infrastructures beyond big data projects. Despite the focus on AWS and Azure, *um ensures variable and above all reliable operation of the cloud architectures of its numerous well-known customers in the public clouds."

The analysts of Crisp Research list as our strengths especially our extensive expertise in the field of innovative technologies, in particular Big Data and Machine Learning. Our combination of many years of cloud-native experience with our own hosting offer. And our transparent portfolio and close partnership, especially on the basis of Amazon Web Services.

As a "weakness", they call our market awareness above all as a big data expert, which makes it necessary to communicate our full-service approach "from idea to cable" more clearly. (That we are Managed Hybrid Cloud Providers as well – ergo: Managed Cloud Provider – same in our opinion). And that the confidential work with our well-known customers often does not make it possible to present project and reference stories to the public. So we go on writing new success stories.

View the "Vendor Universe: Machine Learning" with all details and evaluation criteria. (Available in German only.)

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