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A data engineer has a career with a future

Engineers have a long tradition in Germany. They represent quality, precision and success. While these attributes have long been associated with mechanical engineers, with the emergence of Industry 4.0 data engineers can now claim them too. Utilizing data for companies is a complex process, in which data engineers play an important role – and that’s more than enough reason to take a closer look at this young and promising occupational profile.

Data Engineer


Becoming a data engineer

Data engineers are tasked with researching data and developing the appropriate software solution. Particularly during the exploration stage at the beginning of a project, they search for structures, patterns and correlations. Using their technical knowledge, data engineers support, and to a certain extent assist, the data scientists. They help with the technical implementation of the mathematical models and subsequently adjust them. Working on the appropriate solutions requires advanced knowledge and a wide technical understanding. Data engineers acquire the foundations for their career during their computer science studies, with majors in software engineering and data development being particularly useful. Ultimately, data engineers need a feel for big data infrastructures and the necessary technologies, which can only be picked up through practical experience – and there’s plenty of that on offer at *um.


Extensive knowledge for technical implementation

Data is becoming more and more important – and usable – for companies. Each big data project presents its own challenges. Using data to solve problems is a complex process. Every calculation leads to new hurdles to overcome. Data engineering steers the data in the right direction; it becomes applicable. With plenty of skill and the right tools, such as Hadoop or Spark, data engineers are able to create the software infrastructure required, while thanks to APIs the possibilities for object-oriented programming are now greater than ever.

Forecasting data engineering

The demand for support of big data projects is growing. Here at *um we take on entire projects ourselves, while our manpower also offers temporary support to external projects. Data-driven applications and business processes secure both our current market position as well as our future. This means data engineers have good reason to view their careers with real confidence. As today big data projects are mainly interesting companies from industry and financial services, tomorrow more and more sectors will discover the potential of their data. The future starts now. And here at *um we’re a part of this future. While others are still mulling things over, for quite some time we – true to our motto "We create market leaders" – have already been helping customers by mining the gold within their data. Data engineering ultimately paves the way for each company to set up its own core competences for the digital future. In order to continue meeting the huge demand, we need people with a passion for data, details and technology. That’s why we’re currently looking for a data engineer to join our incredible team in our headquarters in Berlin.

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