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Modest but powerful: 451 Research sees *um growing throughout Europe

Top analyst calls us “innovative and unique – a compelling alternative to international providers”

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451 Research is one of the leading international IT market research and consulting firms. It provides end users, service providers and investors worldwide timely insight into market activity and competitive trends in IT innovation and upcoming technologies. In their Annual Report 2014, the analysts took a close look at *um, scrutinizing our service offer, business growth and competitive situation. Their findings were just as straightforward as they were flattering.


"The unbelievable Machine Company

has modest European cloud aspirations"

The report mentioned our modesty first – we were amazed as well! – and this quality was woven throughout the entire analysis like a red thread. The article begins with: "With a name that includes the word 'unbelievable,' you might expect a US-based firm that's boasting about its position in the market. However, cloud service provider The unbelievable Machine Company (aka *um) is actually based in Berlin, and appears relatively modest about the progress it has made in Germany."

But wait, there’s more: "Although clearly strong in the East of Germany", it says elsewhere in the article, "*um has also looked outside its domestic market at countries such as Poland." 451 Research mentions our strong, continued growth several times, the result of new customer acquisitions in combination with the growth/expansion of our current customers. The report gives the following reasons for this development: our benchmark-setting technology and infrastructure – "(...) appears to be fairly industry-standard in nature" –, our approach to innovation and how this effects the way we think and do business and, last but not least, our varied technology partnerships "with both Dell and HP, as well as Colt, Level 3 Communications and others".

The article also highlights our extensive expertise and service offer: cloud and big data services –, and an unusual, but practical, combination of the two, unique to the industry.


Test results: unrivalled

Here’s a quote summing up the analysis (“The 451 Take”): "*um is an innovative and singular company – even more so for being based in Germany. While many European service providers strive to reduce their dependency on low-margin services, *um has decided to go for two that are showing the highest growth margin: hybrid cloud and big-data services. It is a small firm, and cannot expect to compete at a physical-infrastructure level, but it has a high intellectual-capital value, gained through smart hiring policies and a focus on specialist skill development.

For German firms looking to benefit from the cloud but concerned about privacy, data protection and compliance issues, *um provides a compelling, in-country alternative to the international providers."

The analysis concluded by saying that it is difficult to compare us with other providers, both at a regional and a Europe-wide level. According to the article, even though other providers also offer hosting and cloud services or even business-grade hybrid cloud infrastructures of one sort or another, it is our unique combination that makes the difference:

"*um believes its value-add is via its professional services and the ability to customize it for specific needs." Indeed – that’s precisely how we feel, too. And so, we’re going to keep on doing what we do.


For reason of copyright, we are not allowed to publish the entire analysis, but rather to quote from it within the context of our report. We did so word-for-word. The only thing we changed was the way 451 Research wrote our abbreviation, changing it from “*UM” to “*um”, the form we typically use at our company. 

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