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Trends in 2016: The next big things in the data world (Part 3) - Human Data Interfaces (HDI)

Human Data Interface (HDI) illustrated

In this blog series we’re highlighting the current and further possibilities of the targeted use of companies’ data. Part 1 concentrated on Data Science on scale and the capitalization of investments that have been made in data infrastructure. Part 2 then looked at the tailor-made and optimized use of knowledge from data analysis using Machine Learning / Deep Learning as a Service. And now we come to the third and final post, which addresses a topic that is keeping us both busy and amazed this year, and will surely continue to do so in the many years to come:

Human Data Interfaces (HDI)

The data world has been talking about data visualization and either similarly or less good HDI developments for some time now. It will be a little while yet before things really click into place, but rest assured: It will happen.

But when? When real-time monitoring systems start to find their way into the Smart Factories of Industry 4.0. When development tests and analyses – for example with the support of augmented reality devices – are introduced into production facilities. When decision-makers start to act based on data and analysis results and no longer on the advice of BI or IT experts. When assistance systems such as Watson, Siri and Cortana abstract more and more from real data and use it to effectively become black boxes with which we can interact. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Ultimately, all of these applications concern the same thing: A human machine interface or, better still, a human data interface, which has the considerable task of supporting humans in interpreting and assessing data and analyses in the best, most comprehensible way possible. The journey towards achieving this objective is still in its early stages, but great steps are being made at a constant rate. It goes without saying that we’ll be keeping you right up to date.

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