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On September 19 and 20, big data experts from around Europe met for a collaborative workshop organised by the EU project RETHINK big in Madrid. The two-day event provided an opportunity for the one hundred invited experts and project partners to discuss the most urgent research questions that will affect the area in the coming years. The workshop is part of a European Union big data initiative. Its stated aim is to position Europe as a pioneer in big data and to create a roadmap for the coming years.

In its own words:

The objective of the RETHINK big Project is to bring together the key European hardware, networking, and system architects with the key producers and consumers of Big Data to identify the industry coordination points that will maximize European competitiveness in the processing and analysis of Big Data over the next 10 years.

We from *um are part of the RETHINK big External Experts Team with our big data experts Dr. Christian Thurau and Klaas Bollhoefer. We were able to contribute aspects of our experience, which we have garnered over many years, to the planning and implementation of big data applications in the industrial and commercial context.

Alongside ETH Zürich, CERN, EPFL Lausanne, Airbus, Thales, Parstream, ARM, Telefónica and numerous other research institutes, universities and companies, the most renowned players in the big data business in Europe were represented. The event was hosted by the Technical University of Madrid and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Thank you for a great event and all the exciting discussions! We are very excited about the next steps.

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