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*um recognized as the “Most Promising HP Solution Provider” 2014

CIO Review selects us as one of only 20 top companies worldwide

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CIO Review Magazine is one of the leading American technology magazines, focusing on topics and solutions today that will dominate the market of tomorrow. The latest special edition is dedicated to technologies and applications by Hewlett Packard (HP) and highlights the 20 most promising HP solution providers. And there is one German company among them: unbelievable Machine.

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*um praised for its "agility and innovation through cloud computing"

The number of products and services surrounding the HP ecosystem has continued to grow over the years. We have also been part of this development as a technology partner. Still, it isn't always easy to find the right solution or provider among so many different options. That's why a jury of industry experts and CIO Review editors decided to rate hundreds of HP solution providers and ranked *um among the top 20:

"In order to provide an ideal solution for both large and small companies, a German pioneer, The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH, provides modern cloud computing and traditional hosting services that meet the increasing computing requirement of business today."

We admit that we are a bit proud of our growing success also among our international competition. This distinction confirms that, thanks to a mix of "traditional," dedicated IT infrastructure and customized, flexible cloud services, we are able to meet an ever increasing demand. Now the whole world has the chance to benefit from the unbelievable Machine. 

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