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*um upgrades cloud resources significantly

Latest hardware upgrade doubles performance

TUM PM11 Cloud-Erweiterung_Illu

We are shifting up a gear yet again with a comprehensive hardware upgrade. We have just ramped up our cloud resources still further, guaranteeing our customers even better scalability and failure safety.


Even more HP under the data bonnet

A significant expansion of storage and the use of the latest CPU generation means that as of now, we can accommodate several additional virtual servers and provide our customers with increased scalability of their data. This enables us to meet our customers' resource needs for the next 12 months. The increased storage means that in the future, it will also be possible to divide our cloud environments into different fire compartments, which increases the fail-safe nature of our cloud services even further.

In parallel to the expansion of our storage, we have also increased CPU performance, which means reduced latency and shorter response times for the website, alongside significantly faster virtual machines. The combination of the expanded storage and the CPU upgrade therefore results in a twofold increase in performance for our cloud services.

"We are growing constantly, in line with the increasing demands of the industry. More and more companies want to use cloud applications, including large-scale applications, both efficiently and successfully. A company that rests on its technical laurels will very quickly be overtaken by the competition," says our CEO Ravin Mehta about this important step. "The expansion of our cloud resources means that we can always provide our customers with the best performance and optimum results."

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