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Download now: Market and Vendor Analysis Cloud Computing

Provider comparison and market overview of cloud computing in Germany - the detailed summary is available for free download!

Crisp Research has published an independent vendor comparison with a comprehensive market overview of cloud computing in Germany. Unbelievable Machine is evaluated and positioned as an Accelerator. The summary is now available for free.

By now, cloud computing is regarded as a decisive component in the digitization strategy. The analysts at Crisp Reseach have therefore taken a close look at the most important fields of action and markets in the cloud environment and have drawn up guidelines for companies. The "Vendor Universe: Cloud Computing" shows which trends are important, what users pay particular attention to and which providers set the tone.

Recently, we have presented the latest analysis and summarized the most important information as well as the reasons why Unbelievable Machine is located in the leading quadrant as an "Accelerator". So as a driver and facilitator in developing and realizing cloud-based enterprise projects.

A summary of the analysis – including a comprehensive overview of the cloud computing market and its vendors as well as a detailed evaluation and classification of Unbelievable Machine – is now available for download. (In German only.)

Download now for free! (available in German language only)

EDIT: Both the study volume and the summary mention as a weakness that we focus on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), which would limit our costomers' freedom of choice. In addition, we add that a) for many relevant projects, we also work with the Google Cloud Platform and b) we decide on the basis of the individual project requirements which public cloud is the most suitable. Thus our customers always have the best choice.

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