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Fastring ...or: the real data highway


Ever faster, ever better, and ever further – the data availability and data processing markets are becoming increasingly demanding places to operate, with customers continually challenging providers to raise the benchmarks for speed, quality, and distance. Our customers are no exception, so to provide them with services of the very highest quality – both now and in the future – we have comprehensively updated our systems to enable us to meet these needs. Our new "fastring" connects our three proprietary main European data centers at speeds of 100 GBit/s, in landmark project that is unique for a cloud provider of our size – and that will open up a host of new possibilities for our customers.

We are one of the main big data and data science, managed cloud services and managed hosting providers in the German-speaking world, and a major player in the wider European market as part of our partnership with Basefarm.

The market for Big Data and Business Analytics (BDA) alone is growing at a disproportionately fast rate, and is currently achieving annual growth of 11.9 percent. Demand for storage and service capacity (managed hosting) in the cloud is rising at double this speed. Organizations are continually generating and acquiring enormous volumes of data that they can no longer store and process on their own servers (on premises). In turn, customers are demanding more from their service providers – and this demand will continue to increase.

Why did we need a fastring? 

The ability to transfer data quickly and efficiently is the key to meeting these new and ever-more demanding requirements. Previously, our data was transported via a 10 GBit/s double ring connecting our three main data centers in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. The sites in Frankfurt and Amsterdam are particularly critical links in the chain because of their proximity to the internet exchange points DE-CIX and AMS-IX.

However, a speed of 10 GBit/s is now simply not sufficient to cope with modern demands. In all sectors, data is becoming more complex – and there's more of it, too. We can't say how far this growth will extend, so we've created a highly scalable network in readiness for handling very large volumes of data.

How does the fastring optimize our services?

Our goal was to expand our network not only to boost speed and scalability, but also to massively increase network stability and virtualization possibilities. In partnership with euNetworks, we optimized our data paths and laid a brand-new cable that can transport data between our data centers at speeds of 100 GBit/s, representing a significant upgrade to our inter-site capacity. 

By adding to our existing capacity, we are able to guarantee reliable data exchange between all sites even as data volumes rise, while also reducing network complexity, to provide seamless data access and exchange to all locations. Latency – the time that elapses between the entry of the data in the system and the required output – is reduced to a minimum. This has also reduced the relative cost (in euros per GBit/s) of data transmission per virtual connection. 

How do *um customers benefit from the fastring?

So what does all of this mean for you? The fast ring enables us to offer further high-level functions and an expanded portfolio of services. You'll see the most benefit in these four areas:

1. Scaling

By hugely upping our scaling capacity, we can now offer even greater planning security. This is particularly useful in ongoing, long-term projects, but short-term projects that you work on with us will reap the benefits too. No matter where and how the world of data takes us next, we are equipped for the future and can guarantee that we'll be able to reliably and quickly analyze and evaluate any date volume you may produce over the next few years. Our scalable, dedicated bandwidth enables us to offer a dynamic and flexible pricing structure that is tailored precisely to your needs.

2. Speed

With the fastring, we can transfer data in real time. Our low latency means that we can generate an initial evaluation of your data in just a few minutes. We have the lowest level of latency between Berlin and Frankfurt within our market – enabling you to achieve outstanding results while also saving money.

3. Disaster recovery

The fastring can also be used to transfer large volumes of data redundantly between our data centers and AWS. This constant process of replication is accurate down to minute levels of detail. In combination with our separate cable systems, we can provide optimum disaster recovery services if your data is lost. In the event of a complete operational failure, your losses are minimized because we can restore your data quickly. 

4. Security

The ring structure with dynamic routing means that your data is protected by the highest possible network security standards in a reliable non-stop operation. As well as being protected against data loss in the event of a system failure, you also benefit from cutting-edge security technology.

"Only when we ourselves strive to be state-of-the-art can we 
truly help our customers to build on their own success."
Ravin Metha, CEO & Co-Founder, The unbelievable Machine Company

All of these benefits combine to make the fast ring an attractive technological and business proposition – especially for a cloud provider of our size and scale. Our customers are already seeing the benefits of our new scaling and data recovery capabilities in their projects. And we can also help you securely accelerate your journey along the data highway towards your ultimate destination: The position of market leader.

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Because development never ends: The fastring works on the principle of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MLPS), which permits optimal IP-based data transfer to and between data centers. Our parent company Orange, which we were not a part of when we commenced this project, also offers managed MPLS services and has been named as a leader in this sector by Forrester. Orange develops cutting-edge Software Defined WANs (SD-WAN), which are a flexible and cost-effective solution deployed in conjunction with cloud data centers, providing access to the appropriate resources through Software as a Service (SaaS) via a broadband internet connection.

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