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Now as an infographic: Artificial intelligence is influencing companies

Now as an infographic: Artificial intelligence is influencing companies (c) The unbelievable Machine Company

In the future, artificial intelligence will determine the success of a company. Machine learning is the key technology behind it, and whoever does not focus on it now will be left in the wake of others. This is one of the central findings of a study we recently published, the highlights of which are now also available as an infographic.

Two thirds of companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are currently concerning themselves with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. One fifth have already implemented them into their productive processes, while the same proportion of companies are already investing resources in deep learning – the newest generation of neural networks and the next big thing of AI.

The reason for this trend is both simple and difficult in equal measure. “For decision makers dealing with data processing, technology and digitalization, it is imperative to concentrate on new approaches and technologies”, explains data science expert Klaas Bollhoefer. “Even though the data industry age has only just begun, a company will not be able to maintain or improve its market position in the future without artificial intelligence.”

What does that mean for which sectors? What does it depend on? Answers to such questions are to be found in the study “Machine Learning in Companies”, which we created together with Crisp Research and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The study is based on a survey of 264 companies of various sectors, sizes and types in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and provides decision makers and managers with an empirically substantiated overview of the status quo. It also offers findings and examples showing how to successfully plan and implement artificial intelligence and machine learning into a company.

The infographic “AI first” summarizes the most important findings of the study.

Download it here for free 
(available in German language only)

The full study is available here:

Download the study for free! (available in German language only)

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