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Interview: What are the benefits of an AWS competence center – and how does it help *um customers?

*umInsider Mario Apitz answers questions about the AWS competence center

In May, we opened our own AWS competence center at the new *um site in Frankfurt. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and interested parties have been curious to find out more. We discussed your questions with Mario Apitz, Director of Sales and a true *umInsider. In this interview, he provides the answers.

Why did Unbelievable Machine decide to open its own competence center for AWS?

For us, the competence center is the logical culmination of our strategy to provide full-service and platform solutions for hybrid cloud architects. We’re seeing increasing numbers of projects based on AWS in our day-to-day business. We’re already planning and preparing for other joint activities within this partnership.

What is so special about the *um AWS competence center?

If you type “aws competence center” into Google, the first thing you notice is that the concept of an AWS competence center didn’t exist before we opened ours. Now we have filled this gap and we’re setting the benchmark.

AWS has become one of the most important suppliers of scalable cloud computing services, and is really leading and shaping the market. Now there’s also a place where companies can go for support to enable them to make optimum use of these services, and where they can access individual hybrid cloud solutions developed in line with their specific needs. And it’s all within easy reach of Frankfurt’s central train station (Am Hauptbahnhof 10).

What exactly is *um offering at the AWS competence center?

Our entire portfolio of services, with a focus on data analytics and engineering, cloud native development, DevOps and managed services.

What kinds of companies can use the AWS competence center?

All companies who have used our services in the past or who will use our services in the future. We’re not shifting the focus of what we offer. The *um site in Frankfurt offers the same high-quality cloud services that we’ve always provided to our customers – we’re just providing these services in a more focused way and with significantly expanded capacities in our own competence center.

How do *um customers benefit?

They benefit from more experience and bundled expertise. We’ve sent an existing team with an unbelievable amount of knowledge to Frankfurt, and we’re continually expanding this team. With every addition, we boost our capacity, which potentially enables us to shorten project definition and preparation phases for our customers.

Have customers already started to take you up on the offer?

Most definitely. We’re already running at full capacity, and we need new employees to help us cope with increasing demand.

What kinds of people are you looking to recruit?

Our current list of vacancies includes opportunities for cloud and DevOps architects with a proven track record in AWS, and of course data engineers with expertise in the Hadoop ecosystem.

Sounds great – keep the momentum going! Thank you for talking to us.

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