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Quo vadis AI? The three waves of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) bears the potential to fundamentally change business models and accelerate the pace of innovation in companies. Thereby the technological possibilities are constantly evolving. We look back at what has happened so far – and forward, to see where the journey is...

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What is a digital twin?


They enable to virtually map physical products and processes, to monitor and predict their behavior and to optimize their further development: Digital twins open up application scenarios that would not be possible with static documentation and are the key to the benefits of the Industrial...

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Data Cleansing: AI needs accurate data


Cleaning? Wiping? Tidying up? This is not necessarily one of the most popular occupations for companies either. Thus, they often leave collected data in their original "dirty" state. Without a clue, they lose billions in revenue every year. In view of current developments, data cleanliness...

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*um on tour: dates and events in June 2019


June will be partly cloudy. Our Austrian colleagues are organizing a meeting on the topic of Cloud Operations. And you are cordially invited. 

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Fastring ...or: the real data highway


Ever faster, ever better, and ever further – the data availability and data processing markets are becoming increasingly demanding places to operate, with customers continually challenging providers to raise the benchmarks for speed, quality, and distance. Our customers are no exception, so to...

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*um on tour: date and event in May 2019


In the merry month an event in Austria is on our agenda, that we would like to share with you. It is taking place in a very special space of encounter.

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Eight security trends: an up-to-date overview


With the possibilities of the connected digital world, threat scenarios and risks are also increasing. Companies are facing a number of challenges when it comes to cyber, network and information security. From a legal point of view, too, guidelines and legal requirements will be tightened up...

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*um on tour: dates and events in April 2019


This month we are out and about in three European metropolises – looking forward to inspiration, exchange and a concentrated load of expertise on the subject of artificial intelligence.

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Heading for future: AWS, *um and Deutsche Bahn travel information


In 2015, Deutsche Bahn (DB) launched a uniquely complex project for passenger information. Since then, we have been significantly involved, together with AWS and other partners, in creating a platform that distributes information consistently across all connected channels.

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Public cloud providers overview: AWS, Azure and Google


Cloud computing is one of the key technologies that drive digital transformation. Public cloud providers do not only offer convenient solutions for data infrastructure, storage and compute power with pay-as-you-go pricing models, but also a wide range of services from basic data warehouse...

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