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*um on tour: dates and events in September 2018


After a warm and quiet event summer, we are back on the road. In September there are five exciting events in our digital calendar. Will you join us?

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What we’ve learned about AI so far


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most lucrative areas for tech talents. Orange Silicon Valley is at the centre of development and deals with the topic in its many facets. This year alone, AI in recruiting, Voice-AI-interfaces, GenZ’s AI readyness and "Artificial...

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Orange acquires Basefarm Holding and becomes a European leader in cloud computing services for the enterprise sector

  • Orange announces the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Basefarm Holding AS, a major player in cloud infrastructure and critical application services in Europe.
  • This acquisition is set to reinforce Orange Business Services’ position in the cloud computing services market for which it is...
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Cloud services or managed services: What's the difference?


A secure and powerful data infrastructure is the basis for successful IT management. To ensure that large amounts of data are always available and can be processed smoothly, more and more companies are relying on the cloud. Either as cloud services, which use capacities and technologies...

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*um on tour: date and event in July 2018


Due to the weather and vacation, summer is a little more quiet and giving the opportunity to deal with the big topics. In July even in a suitable environment: In the idyll of the Austrian countryside we discuss questions of digitization and demystify Artificial Intelligence. Are you in?

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Survey: How sustainably digital is your company?


Digital competitiveness is indispensable these days. Thus we want to get an idea of what the situation is like for European companies in our own survey. Together with Basefarm we are preparing the Digital Ability Report 2018.

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What is Predictive Maintenance? Fixing problems before they occur


For the reliable operation and maintenance of technical equipment, machines and elements, regular spot checks and inspections were carried out in analogue times. Replacement or repair in case of unforeseen downtime. In the age of data analysis, machines automatically report when control power...

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Demystifying AI @ AAIC – *um makes Artificial Intelligence comprehensible


The first Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference (AAIC) took place in Vienna at the end of May. Solution developers, prospects, and users from different industries came together to exchange views on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unbelievable Machine was present as partner...

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How does digital transformation actually work?


Digitization requires more than the knowledge of traditional management consultants, innovation not only R&D and gifted engineers. If your company wants to master the digital change and implement data-driven business models, it needs a digital mindset and comprehensive empowerment – based on...

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Bound for the moon: artificial intelligence in data centers


At some point in the not-too-distant future, artificial intelligence (AI) will drive our cars, write our programming code, and optimize how we do business. Data centers, too, will be unable to escape this trend. Thanks to machine learning technology, companies and data center operators will be...

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