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How does digital transformation actually work?

Your roadmap to digitization – destination market leadership

Digitization requires more than the knowledge of traditional management consultants, innovation not only R&D and gifted engineers. If your company wants to master the digital change and implement data-driven business models, it needs a digital mindset and comprehensive empowerment – based on corporate management.

Your roadmap to digitization – destination market leadership

For the successful implementation of data-driven projects, it is important to have the entire picture in view right from the start - from business case to technical operation. So that all steps, from the theoretical concept to the functioning digital product, are intertwined.

The digital mindset

Successful digitization begins before the concrete project. In the management itself. With the right setting – the digital mindset. Companies need to think about how data, algorithms and new technologies can play a role for their business in the future. This implies opening up to new ideas and new ways of working.

Three phases for successful digitization

Your roadmap to digitization – destination market leadership (c) The unbelievable Machine Company

1. Data Thinking – digital vision & brainstorming
The first phase is about finding ideas, questioning the existing and looking at all aspects of a data problem from different angles. Bring your departments together with data science experts. In interdisciplinary teams you will jointly define strategies, goals and success criteria and identify application scenarios for a first lighthouse project. The concept for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is developed.

2. Data Solution – design of a minimum viable product
In contrast to the proof of concept, a minimum viable product (MVP) is planned from the outset as a functional and scalable product. In this phase the software and hardware frameworks are set up. For rapid prototyping – scalability "at the touch of a button" at any time – the infrastructure provided by AWS is planned for unlimited expansion.

3. Data Enterprise – DevOps: continuous development & operation
In this phase, the product must be finalized and transferred to production. In the sense of modern DevOps procedures, product development and operational operations are intertwined; the transition is smooth, continuous and never completed. Digital products are developed further in an agile way. Here, too, it is crucial to rely on flexibly scalable infrastructure such as AWS, which can be expanded according to demand and load.

Mindset, empowerment and technology are decisive for successful digitization. This requires a strong (managed service) partner that understands the entire data life cycle. One that combines economic know-how with technological competence, and is  able to set up and safely operate your infrastructure. And one that advises and accompanies you from the idea to the technical concept to the continuous operation of the high-performance, scalable and safe product.

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