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*um Service Provider for new DSSD D5 by EMC

Data is known as the new commodity. The success of more and more companies is dependent on how well, how quickly and how reliably they are able to process and analyze large data volumes. That is why EMC has spent the last five years designing a new solution that will leave all other storage technologies in its wake: the DSSD D5 rack-scale flash system. EMC has succeeded in taking a quantum leap forward in the flash storage market, according to Reimund Willig, CTO of EMC Germany. The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) is one of the world’s first service providers to offer its customers services for installing and operating this new solution.

Speed, simplicity, performance

DSSD-D5-FR.pngThe need for business-critical applications to deliver insights at a faster rate is attributed to the increase of ever larger and more varied data volumes. However, existing storage architectures such as all-flash arrays and directly connected PCIe flash storage devices have considerable limitations that prevent them from meeting modern demands. As such, there is clear need for a storage concept that frees up the existing bottlenecks in order to improve future analyses. 

This is where the high-performing DSSD D5 array from EMC comes into play. The new, next-generation performance solution from EMC opens the door to a vast world of real-time analytics.

The device possesses all established API interfaces and can process up to 144 terabytes of data in microseconds – a 1000 percent increase on the milliseconds commonly required by other products.
Here is an overview of the most important features:
·         10 million IOPS
·         100 GB/s of bandwidth
·         144 TB of storage
·         100-microsecond latency
·         Automatic garbage collection


DSSD D5 application scenarios

The DSSD D5 from EMC will be of interest to all companies that operate with extremely large data volumes, would like to process this data as quickly as possible – i.e. at a high speed and in real time – and require their Big Data applications and high-performance analytics applications to be latency sensitive. FinTech and e-commerce companies are primary suitors, but the typical application scenarios can be of use to any companies within the following sectors:

·         Fraud detection
·         Risk analysis
·         Predictive analytics
·         Near real-time analytics in streaming data
·         Predictive modeling
·         Financial transaction modeling
·         Design simulations (government)
·         Extraction simulation grids (oil & gas)
·         Life science & research
Within these companies, the app developers are the main target group, since modern applications need to manage both various data types and the rapidly increasing flow of data. The DSSD D5 is quicker, simpler and more reliable to scale than any other system.

*um is a service provider for EMC

The DSSD D5 was presented to the public in a live broadcast on EMC World at the end of February 2016. Due to our established and successful cooperation with EMC, the company has chosen us to be one of the world’s first service providers to help bring the DSSD technology to the wider market. The company brought a small team led by Reimund Willig to the *um headquarters in Berlin to give us an exclusive presentation of the extraordinary device. Our verdict? Highly recommendable.

EMC delivers the hardware and we take care of the rest for our customers: consultation, implementation, operation and service. As a full-service provider we cover the whole range to provide our customers with everything from a single source.

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