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Study analyzes machine learning providers: *um significantly ahead of the competition

Studie über Machine Learning-Anbieter sieht *um mit Abstand an der Spitze

To support IT and digitalization decision-makers tasked with selecting suitable service providers and partners, Crisp Research has carried out its first independent comparison study of providers. The "Vendor Universe: Machine Learning" study places The unbelievable Machine Company significantly ahead of major industry competitors. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are leading technology trends. Thanks to cost-effective computing power, large data volumes, and optimized algorithms, these trends are on the way to becoming core technological components of virtually all the world’s products, solutions, and data centers. More than two thirds of German companies are already actively focusing on the topic of machine learning, and the latest forecasts suggest that industry will invest around 4.3 billion euros in machine learning technologies, services, and projects this year alone.

"Machine learning is making its way into the IT mainstream."

For individual companies, maintaining an overview of the current technological landscape and keeping pace with the rapid rate of innovation can prove challenging. Countless providers now claim to offer machine learning services, and existing services are continually being expanded with new machine learning aspects. 
Industry giants Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google have boosted their focus on machine learning to enable them to support their customers with business analytics and data-based business models.

For the "Vendor Universe: Machine Learning" (available in German language only) study, analysts from Crisp Research looked at 110 companies claiming to offer machine learning. However, just 36 of these companies made it into the final market overview – the analysis only includes companies that offer services in Germany, either via a branch or a sales partner, and that can provide reference projects from the German market. These providers can be divided into three market segments: Machine learning platforms and software, Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) and machine learning service providers.

A focus on specialists

The latter market segment is comprised of service providers that contribute their expertise to major consulting and technology projects being carried out by companies. Several major, world-renowned consultancy firms appear in this segment – but fail to live up to the standards set by the specialists, according to Crisp Research. It was the specialists who emerged top of the list – and one of these specialists is The unbelievable Machine Company (*um). 

Bewertung von Machine Learning-Dienstleistern (Bild: Crisp Research)

View the "Vendor Universe: Machine Learning" study, including detailed information and the analysis criteria, here (Available in German language only).

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