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Survey: How sustainably digital is your company?

Survey: How sustainably digital is your company? Please take part in the survey for the Digital Ability report 2018 by Basefarm and Unbelievable Machine

Digital competitiveness is indispensable these days. Thus we want to get an idea of what the situation is like for European companies in our own survey. Together with Basefarm we are preparing the Digital Ability Report 2018.

How strong are you in digital competition?

In the age of digitalization, competitive situations are shifting as rapidly as requirements and business models are changing. Companies in all industries have to ask themselves how sustainable they are – or need to be asked. For the Digital Ability Report 2018, which we are currently preparing together with our parent company Basefarm. To this end, we will examine four areas that are crucial for digital success: cloud acceptance, data maturity, information security management and innovation capability. We kindly ask you to take part in it. It only takes five to seven minutes.

Take part in the survey!

The Digital Ability Report 2018 will be published in fall 2018. By entering your mail address you will be one of the first to receive exclusive access. Then you can see what other companies are doing and where yours compares to the market leaders.

The survey answers are anonymous; they are not linked to your e-mail address and are deleted after the data has been processed. Of course we follow the GDPR rules for the handling of personal data.

How does the way to the cloud work?

Last year Basefarm has published the Next Step Cloud Report, for which over 200 decision-makers and IT experts from Northern European companies were surveyed. The report provides helpful guidance, helps you set your own priorities and head for the next level using the Cloud Maturity Ladder.

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