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We are "talended" – and Gold Partner

The unbelievable Machine Company is Talend gold partner 2018

We are unbelievable – and, by now, unbelievably "talended". Because lately we have been official Talend Gold Partner. Forrester's leader software simplifies the integration of complex data sets. But what exactly does that mean? Ingo Steins, Deputy Director Operations at *um, explains the benefits of our new partnership.

Hi Ingo! Great to have you! What exactly is Talend?

With its products, Talend software offers all the necessary functions for the creation and execution of a wide variety of data integration processes, such as data migration and synchronization.

How can I imagine this exactly?

The software works with a graphical user interface that can be used to model processes. Many of these processes converge in so-called ingest pipelines. These pipelines ensure that all processes run in the intended order. In addition, they simplify the collection of heterogeneous data from different sources in a single data brine. More than 900 connectors to all common systems facilitate the connection for the developers. This makes the pipelines faster to implement. What's more, they are scalable and have administration and monitoring functionalities.

That sounds like a great product. But there are several of them on the market. So why Talend?

Talend fits perfectly into our big data strategy. For example, they support the use of Data Lakes, and we have the same mindset for cloud data migration and data governance. In addition to the open source tools for the data pipelines, we can now also use tools with manufacturer support. Talend is one of the big players in this market - that speaks for itself.

Have you worked with Talend before?

Yes, we have already operated the systems in several projects to migrate data. Now we have completely new possibilities.

What are the advantages of *um as a Gold Partner?

From now on we can offer our customers better technical support in projects realized with Talend. What's more, our partner status gives us earlier access to information about new tools and product innovations. This allows us to implement future-oriented changes with our customers earlier than others.

Do existing talent users also benefit from your new status?

Of course. Many customers use Talend in classic data warehouses. Many customers already use Talend in classic data warehouse projects. With immediate effect, we can also provide support for modern architectures in order to bring the software up to date. Talend customers thus benefit from our extensive Big Data know-how and can approach us with questions at any time.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Ingo Steins, Deputy Director Operations @ The unbelievable Machine Comany


Ingo Steins, expert for data lakes

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