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Now as an infographic: Artificial intelligence is influencing companies


In the future, artificial intelligence will determine the success of a company. Machine learning is the key technology behind it, and whoever does not focus on it now will be left in the wake of others. This is one of the central findings of a study we recently published, the highlights of...

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Out now: study on artificial intelligence and machine learning in companies



Machine learning in companies. Artificial intelligence as the basis of digital transformation processes 

Artificial intelligence and learning machines are fundamental factors for the competitiveness and profitability of companies, and in the near future they will be implemented by companies...

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Tech, trends & topics in 2017 (Part 5): Artificial intelligence in companies


For a long time the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has been moving minds as it inspires fantasies and stokes fears. The step from machine intelligence to notably AI has caused the first entertaining and practical applications. This year, AI is starting to make an impact in entire...

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Tech, trends & topics in 2017 (Part 2): Data ethics


The targeted, quick use of data in large volumes from various sources – Big Data – is becoming ever more commonplace within companies. As is the protection and security of this data, of course. In 2017 a crucial component will be added, which addresses the responsibility of individuals and...

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Tech, trends & topics in 2017 (Part 1): Data Thinking

Big Data and Cloud are central to pretty much all the technology topics of our time. From Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things to machine learning and deep learning to artificial and business intelligence – and beyond. Seems clear so far, right? To date, however, there have been few...
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Defining digitalization: Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things?


The digitalization of the economy and society marches on relentlessly – sometimes slower, sometimes faster. In a recent blog post we fundamentally defined digital transformation and digital development. Now let’s turn to two key terms that were coined to describe the increasing digitalization...

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Defining digitalization: digital development, not digital transformation


"Maybe we can add some more content to this part about what digital transformation actually means..." © Dirk Meissner, Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Digital transformation is a term widely used and disputed in the media, at events and on forums. It is a strategic imperative – "we finally have to..." –...

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The Chief Data Officer (CDO) has arrived – who is it, exactly?


Digital development and the targeted use of data are the critical factors in the success of companies these days. They must to be prioritized. Some advanced companies have already recognized this, have made it an issue for senior management and have created a new position called the Chief Data...

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Awesome Data Thinkers – new roles and new skills for the Data Enterprise


Big Data and Data Science are established and well understood, but the demands on them have grown significantly. The objective of companies is no longer only to translate data into business value, but to become digitally sovereign and sustainably successful. This requires a new role with...

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A guide to success in the digital age: free Data Thinking white paper


Digital development is the most crucial factor determining the success and existence of many young companies. Most feel the pressure to digitalize but cannot see the right path – they know they have to act but do not know how. What they lack is a modern, holistic approach and way of thinking. We...

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