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*um on tour: Big Data revolutionizes Handelsblatt real estate industry annual conference


Those paying attention will have already noticed: During the summer month of August we are taking a break and are not participating in any events. Instead, our "*um on tour" series features a special post on the 2016 Handelsblatt real estate industry annual conference, which took place in...

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Art 2.0 on ARTE: Artificial intelligence as an artistic muse


Our very recent blog series unraveled the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and in three steps highlighted the influence of film and fiction, the real effects on the labor market, and the difference between mechanical and artificial intelligence. Now we will expand our analysis even further...

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Artificial intelligence: The myths and the possibilities – Part 3: AI and learning machines


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest technology talking points of our time. Since the arrival of the computer, AI has been inspiring fiction and film – and as the levels of automation have been increasing, so has the fear of it replacing manual labor in the future been stoked. But...

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Artificial intelligence: The myths and the possibilities – Part 2: AI goes to work


The incredible possibilities artificial intelligence (AI) presents have led to it becoming an important talking point. In our previous blog post, we explained how the worlds of fiction and film often use AI to invoke fear, so now it is time to draw a line from fiction to reality and address the...

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Artificial intelligence: The myths and the possibilities – Part 1: AI goes to the movies


Artificial intelligence (AI) changes reality and, to an even greater extent, our view of it. Initially, a lot of fantasy and often very little actual knowledge combined to shape the fear that machines want to control the world. This then gave way to a fundamental fear that AI is to make people...

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Study confirms *um prediction: Data Science expertise is more in demand than ever


Most companies are already familiar with Big Data and understand how crucial it is to business; many have already pumped money into infrastructure and initial pilot projects. To ensure that these investments pay off, companies rely on Data Science expertise, and demand for good Data Scientists...

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Data Thinking: Welcome to the digitally sovereign company


Successful digitalization within a company starts with Data Thinking and progresses, through the development of concrete Data Solutions and the implementation of these solutions, to a fully digital way of thinking and acting. All of these steps form part of the Data Leadership Process Model we...

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Data Thinking: The emergence of the digitally sovereign company


Having introduced you to Data Thinking, we then outlined how it leads to the development of specific Data Solutions – all represented by the Data Leadership Process Model. In this blog post we will now continue this process model and explain how Data Solutions can be implemented and how digital...

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Study results: Big Data use not yet effectively targeted or profitable


The number of companies using Big Data analyses has increased exponentially over the past two years. However, the in-house resources, expertise, and practical strategies needed to see significant gains in terms of usefulness and profitability are still lacking, according to the results of two...

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Data Thinking: Making digitalization a successful reality


In a recent blog post introducing Data Thinking, we described a modernized way of thinking which companies need in order to start and continue their own digital development. We presented it based on the fundamental methodology of a unique process model called the Data Leadership Process Model,...

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