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Data Thinking: Successful digitalization starts here


Companies are required to either start or continue developing digitally instead of simply "transforming themselves". With the right mindset, skills and resources they can take control of their digital futures once more. The key to achieving this? Data Thinking.

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*um Service Provider for new DSSD D5 by EMC


Data is known as the new commodity. The success of more and more companies is dependent on how well, how quickly and how reliably they are able to process and analyze large data volumes. That is why EMC has spent the last five years designing a new solution that will leave all other storage...

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What is Big Data? – A definition with five Vs


To define where Big Data begins and from which point the targeted use of data become a Big Data project, you need to take a look at the details and key features of Big Data. Its definition is most commonly based on the 3-V model from the analysts at Gartner and, while this model is certainly...

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Where does Big Data begin? – Many perspectives, one classification


To classify Big Data decisively is not so easy. Firstly, it is not just a stand-alone term but rather a combination of many aspects to reveal a whole picture. And secondly, Big Data is a buzz phrase that is used in various situations and is constantly developing. It is time to set things...

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Panama Papers update: Using data tools is still not data science


1 year, 400 journalists, 2.6 TB of data – and no data science? At the end of last week we published a report about the Panama Papers from a data science perspective. We wondered what could be done to make analyzing and evaluating this unbelievably large volume of data quicker and more effective...

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The Panama Papers: How data science can help to effectively identify the wrongdoers


The Panama Papers are the biggest data leak in the history of media. Their publication has unearthed an unbelievable number of offences involving corruption, tax and other scandals, including breaches of UN sanctions. As a result, the efforts of research networks have been celebrated as a...

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No teenage sex: Big Data has serious intentions


Sex and Big Data are among the defining topics of our time. The former in a very general and promotional sense. The latter in a more economic sense, and it was recently confirmed as one of the most important trends of CeBIT 2016. Big Data is written and talked about frequently and at great...

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Data Thinking: new thinking and processes for the digital goals of our time (Part 1)


 An introduction to the new focus with the *um Data Leadership Process Model

The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) has complemented its service portfolio with a new and – in the very essence of the word – pioneering focus: Data Thinking is a crucial facet for both the market and for companies,...

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Listen up! *um is in a podcast about artificial intelligence


What was yesterday’s fiction is today’s science. Artificial intelligence is no longer just a topic for Hollywood, but now a substantial component of our work. That’s why in the podcast “CRE: Technik, Kultur, Gesellschaft” (German for technology, culture, society), host Tim Pritlove interviewed...

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Bigdatha is historically proven …as the new Asterix shows!


"Asterix And The Missing Scroll" is the brand new and meanwhile 36th issue of the famous comic series Asterix. Happening in the year 50 BC, it is more current than ever. And by the time we read the keyword "Bigdatha" it is important for us to mark some facts.

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