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McKinsey study predicts an innovation boost and huge added value thanks to the Internet of Things


So much for just hype! The Internet of Things (IoT) holds enormous potential for the global economy, according to the hot-off-the-press study "The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value beyond the Hype" by the McKinsey Global Institute. The business consultancy analysts are forecasting a yearly...

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Big Dating: *um shows how great things happen when Data Science meets sparkling ideas


Actually the hype around Big Data has past according to Gartner's analysts. In fact, the implementation could finally begin. While big data conversations mainly revolved around fictitious scenarios in recent years, several business cases have been successfully implemented by now. Nonetheless for...

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A current look at the economy – and Industry 4.0


If you were to ask tomorrow what the top issue is for the German economy, the answer would pretty much always be the same: Industry 4.0. The digital networking of people, machines and products represents, quite literally, the sustainability and competitiveness of the companies. The "fourth...

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Radioeins broadcasts re:publica special – in this *um explains Big Data


Berlin-based radio station 'radioeins' is a media partner of the re:publica 2015. As with last year, it accompanies the three-day long net festival with a series of editorial contribution. To mark the start it broadcasted an interview on April 27, addressing one of the big themes of the event –...

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BITKOM Publishes Guideline on Cognitive Computing – with involvement from *um


Cognitive computing – self-learning IT systems that understand human speech, make hypotheses and draw conclusions from certain interactions, as well as communicate with humans and other computer systems in real time – is one of the most important technology trends around. And that's why it's a...

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Hadoop 2: HP and Unbelievable Machine develop architecture for effective big data processes


Big Data is on literally everyone's lips. But although everyone is talking about it, only a tiny number of companies are actually putting their money where their mouth is. Why is that? The reasons are technical, first and foremost. The biggest stumbling block most frequently turns out to be the...

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*um is a supporter of the Data Science Retreat


The 3-month data science training program "Data Science Retreat" will start for the first time on May 1 in Berlin!

"I want to be a (better) data scientist, but working alone through online courses doesn't cut it." --- The three-month program, Data Science Retreat, intends to provide participants...

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"There is no typical Big Data Expert"


This article is only available in german. Go to the german version.

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Many roads lead to Data Science


This article is only available in german. Go to the german version.

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BITKOM releases 2. Big Data guide


This article is only available in german. Go to the german version.

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