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NERD STUFF: our new blog column starts with the end of the REST calls


At this point we are launching a new category of articles with a technological background and high relevance for the community. From now on, those heads will have their say, whose work and developments will otherwise make important technological contributions. The first step is *um Data Engineer...

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What is DevOps? – A definition

DevOps has become the go-to concept for companies looking to optimize agile processes. However, although DevOps principles are already applied in many businesses, many find it difficult to understand what exactly DevOps is, what it looks like in practice, and how far-reaching its implementation...
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Data lakes: The bedrock of Big Data processing


Big Data is a general term for Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, etc. For companies not to be left behind by competitors, but instead be able to hold their own or take a leading role in the market, they have to generate and collect a vast amount of data in order to continuously...

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*um Service Provider for new DSSD D5 by EMC


Data is known as the new commodity. The success of more and more companies is dependent on how well, how quickly and how reliably they are able to process and analyze large data volumes. That is why EMC has spent the last five years designing a new solution that will leave all other storage...

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DevOps: integration of system administration software development


This article is only available in german. Go to the german version.

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