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What we’ve learned about AI so far

Findings and forecasts on Artificial Intelligence #AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most lucrative areas for tech talents. Orange Silicon Valley is at the centre of development and deals with the topic in its many facets. This year alone, AI in recruiting, Voice-AI-interfaces, GenZ’s AI readyness and "Artificial Intelligence, real business" have been on the innovator's agenda.

Brian Warmoth, Content Lead at Orange Silicon Valley, has summarized the key findings from the events and publications. Thus he derives five theses from this, which classify the future use of AI.

Among other things, he predicts that the use of speech recognition technologies will be embedded in the workflows and workstations of the future. That it will make meetings much more efficient and largely superfluous. He also provides information on current and future budgeting. And he gives an outlook that AI and Machine Learning will provide tremendous value by understanding how to weigh context and preferences.

The complete article can be found in Orange’s Silicon Valley Blog.

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