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TED conferences go all the way back to the 1980s. The three letters literally stand for Technology, Entertainment and Design, but in reality they represent a worldwide community that collects and promotes ideas from all academic disciplines and social spheres. More recently, TEDx events – local spin-offs of the non-profit conferences – are being independently organized in countries all over the world. In line with the slogan “ideas worth spreading”, we have already supported TEDxMuenster for two years: In 2014 our Senior Data Scientist Florian Dohmann held a talk with his art collective YQP about his data market project. The guys are returning this year and will pose the question to what extent artificial intelligence is able to produce artistic creativity, or even replace it. Tickets for the event are almost sold out, but we are offering you the chance to be not just a VIP guest, but much more!

*um supports TEDxMuenster – the independently organized TED event

With the theme (Re)Start, the event – taking place on September 30 in Muenster – brings together forward thinkers, visionaries, decision makers and idea generators from all over the world. The speakers are from a variety of sectors, such as business, science, art, entertainment, design and technology, and will address a wide range of topics and ideas for our society.

These ideas are given a platform by TEDxMuenster to allow them to become reality – a concept we love and are happy to support, since we also want to guide ideas from development to implementation. Two years ago, Florian Dohmann and his two partners, Manuel Urbanke and Maximilian Hoch, explored the value of data in their datamarket talk and set up a supermarket in which customers can pay with their Facebook data. The project attracted considerable attention, with RTL among the media outlets to report on it.

Florian is back this year to give a talk combining technology and art. “Can Artificial Intelligence be a muse?” is the central question of the art project, which his art collective YQP recently initiated with painter Roman Lipski. It addresses the question of whether artificial intelligence can also be creative, and if so, how. You can enjoy a taster by checking out our recent blog post.

Enter your idea and win a VIP ticket to TEDxMuenster

Here is an idea that is certainly valid: Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks will influence many aspects of life in the future – and in some cases in a very different way to what we imagine today. You’re curious, right? Have you unbelievable ideas about what is possible with data? Do you want to explore them in more detail? Then join us not only as a VIP guest at this year’s TEDxMuenster, but also on our unbelievable journey as one of the most exciting companies in the Big Data sector. (Well, that’s what the independent experts say!) What do you need to do? Simply send us your ideas and thoughts on one of the following two questions:

  1. In the world of Big Data, the focus is currently very much on personal data, which is well protected by data protection laws. However, product data is interesting too (e.g. what is produced where, which paths a product takes, etc.). Although this data is not protected, it is still difficult to access
    >> How could you create a generally accessible platform for this data?
  2. Accessing websites with browsers (using HTML) has pretty much stayed the same for years.
    >> What could an alternative way to accessing web content look like?

All entries will have the chance to win a ticket for the event, including a VIP program and after show party as well as travel and accommodation expenses. But that’s not all – you will receive the opportunity to start your career at surely the most unbelievable and attractive employer in the Big Data sector: The unbelievable Machine Company. Depending on your experience, you will join as either an intern, student employee or young professional. We are looking forward to receiving your idea.

Take part! The conditions

Submit your entry either by email or in a message ocomment on our Facebook page. Please note that your idea should not exceed a side of A4 paper and we require your contact information (email address, telephone number or Facebook profile) so that we can reach you if you win. We reserve the right to publish the best answers in our blogThe deadline for applications is September 23. Get going!

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